Surviving Suicide Loss


If you have lost someone to suicide, you are not alone. Every year in the United States over 39,000 people die by suicide. This equates to a person dying by suicide in the United States every 13.8 minutes. The tragic death by suicide leaves behind devastated families and friends. These people are known as survivors of suicide loss. It is not unusual for those to experience a wide range offeelings including grief reactions, and a depressed mood. 

These feeling can include some or all of the following:

  • Shock and disbelief are common immediate reactions. A person may feel numb or disoriented, and may have trouble concentrating.
  • Symptoms of depression, including disturbed sleep, loss of appetite, intense sadness, and lack of energy, not feeling rested and unable to concentrate.
  • Anger towards the deceased, another family member, a therapist, or yourself.
  • Relief, particularly if the suicide followed a long and difficult illness.
  • Guilt, including thinking, "If only I had...."

These feelings usually diminish over time, a you develop your ability to cope and
begin the healing process

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